Entu Shardana is a non-profit association that works in Sardinia and takes care of enhance the development of an eco-friendly and responsible tourism, promoting also initiatives and activities inclined to improve the accessibility at touristic, cultural and naturalistic resources.

We work to realize events, organize meetings and plan every type of activities which concerned the knowledge of natural environment, culture and history of Sardinia.


Ancient roads of Sardinia

Not just an excursion, but a journey full of emotions. Immersed in the scents and moods of uncontaminated nature, in an unforgettable experience, in which, silence and calm are not absence of perceptions, but an aura of energy and life, that move around, bringing you in symbiosis with the dimension and the world you have always been part of.

Every excursion is a journey that enhances one or more aspects of the natural environment, or the historical or cultural value that characterizes places. Excursions are designed for easy access to the most of people. Normally the degree of difficulty is less than the practice of hiking or trekking. Therefore you will be able to choose your excursion that will enhance the variety of the local flora and fauna, or which is characterized by historical and cultural interest, without neglecting the magic of landscapes and life within the forests.

Each hike offers a variety of suitable places to stop, rest, take pictures, take a snack or a coffee.


Sardinian Gardens

Sardinian Gardens is an excursion we chose for its variety of plants, shrubs, and aromatic herbs typical of the Mediterranean environment. During this walk, it is easy to meet the hawk’s flight and, if you are lucky, eagles or the deer. It is a journey that presents you always surprises, which we certainly do not want to reveal to you immediately. It is panoramic and offers comfortable places for pauses and photos.
The trail is in good conditions and it is not difficult. There is an initial climb, but it ends soon and then it runs easily until the final stage. It starts at 100 meters height and rises up to just over 210 meters height, where you can meet a succession of typical Mediterranean flora with its scents just like in a huge garden. The length of the walk is about 5 km and it needs no more than 3 hours, you will not realize that you have walked them in the amazement that cause these places.


Along Coal Trails

An excursion down the ancient coal men’s trails, which will make immerse yourself in the world of the past, between stories of life and work. A very striking journey from the biginning to the end. It is situated in an old road, that was used to transport coal to the valley between mountain and forest views. About halfway mark you enter in a gorge and the trail continues along to the riverbed, here is the source of the creek. From this moment we will go inside the forest, surrounded from a particular landscape, characterized by the fact that it is inside a gorge, between the mountains and the riverbed.

Along the trail it is possible to admire old evidence of past charcoal activities.

Travel time does not exceed 3 hours, including stops to rest, snack or coffee. You walk for about 3 km, along a path that is mostly easy and clean. The first part has a slight climb, then get steeper to climb up to about 250 m. When you reach the high trail, you get trails mostly flat and then go down to the riverbed. This part of trail is characterized by a downhill until it reaches the source of the creek. Here we need to walk with attention because the trail, along a little tract, continues through the pebbles. You will be immediately immersed inside the valley, flanked the riverbed, in a spectacular environment, where the light comes low, with a vegetation that in some places, depending on the period, may be very thick.

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